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KTE is a custom steel & body works company in Windhoek. We specialise in tourist vehicle conversions. Other products include truck and trailor conversions, game viewing vehicles and customised 4x4s. All products can be customised to unique specifications. We offer excellent service, quality workmanship and reasonably priced service plans.

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Vehicle Services
  • Overlander
    Overlander Conversions
    Our Overlanders are built to outlast the rest..

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  • Overlander
    Overlander Truck Conversions
    Our Overlander trucks are safe, strong, practical and built for Namibian roads.

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  • Game Viewer
    Game Viewer Conversions
    Our game viewers are not only designed for comfort and aesthetics, but are proven to last in any off-road conditions.

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  • Truck
    Truck & Trailer Body Works
    Our truck bodies are strong and enduring and built with our Namibian road conditions in mind.

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  • Customised 4x4
    Customised 4x4
    We custom build a range of customised 4x4 including canopies, hunting vehicles and funeral vehicles.

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  • CNC Cutting
    CNC Cutting
    We do CNC Cutting to your specifications.

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